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Residential Food Scraps Program


Did you participate in the Danville Food Scraps Recycling Compostable Bag Pilot? If so, please take this quick survey to help assist us in improving the program. Click on the link below:

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2JFGXQF  Thank you! 


This program recycles your food scraps by placing your food scraps with your yard waste each week permitting this material to be composted.


How the Program Works …

A 2-gallon collection container is provided to all households.  The container can be stored underneath the kitchen sink, in the freezer, or in a cabinet. The container has a tight sealing lid and handle. If you recently moved into a community receiving this service, and your home does not have a container, please contact Republic Services at (925) 685-4711 for a replacement. Or you can use you own substitute food storage container. Place all food scraps and other acceptable discards with your yard waste in the green organics cart for weekly collection.


Visit our Organics page for a listing of what is acceptable and was is not. 


Helpful tips when recycling your food scraps:

  1. Empty your food scraps into your organics cart on your collection day. Leaving food in your organics cart for long periods may attract flies.
  2. Cover food scraps with yard trimmings in your cart to avoid pests and odors. Yard trimmings will mask the food scraps odors, preventing pests from detecting it!
  3. Line kitchen container with paper towels or newspaper which will help keep your container clean. The liner paper can be recycled with the food scraps!
  4. Optional: Freeze food scraps before emptying into your cart. Some residents have done this as a sanitary way to manage food scrap storage, especially very wet food scrap materials.
  5. Only Compostable (not Biodegradable) plastic bags may be used. Purchase compostable bags with the "Compostable: BPI - Meets ASTM 6400 Standard" label on the packaging.