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Hazardous Waste & Disposal

Recycling oil is easy!

Average household stores 3-10 gallons of hazardous waste


Household hazardous waste should NEVER be placed in garbage, recycling, or yard waste carts. U.S. households generate more than 2 million tons of hazardous waste each year. The average household stores from 3 to 10 gallons of hazardous waste.


Household hazardous wastes (HHW) should never be thrown into the trash or washed down the household or storm drains. Hazardous chemicals can "pass through" treatment processes or storm drains and get discharged into the environment. This occurs because wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove hazardous chemicals from wastewater, and storm drains flow directly to the Bay without any treatment at all. HHW thrown into the garbage can injure workers during collection or mix with other chemicals when landfilled. Groundwater used for drinking or irrigation can be contaminated when waste products are poured onto or seep into the ground. 


Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility for Central Contra Costa County

All hazardous wastes including paint products, solvents, cleaners and pesticides, should be taken to the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District's facility at 4797 Imhoff Place, Martinez. Call 1-800-646-1431 for information and hours or visit the district's website at Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility.

Oil/Anti-freeze/filter Options

Motor oil is a household hazardous waste that can be recycled using your curbside recycling collection:

  • Request a used motor oil disposal container by calling Republic Services at (925) 685-4711.
  • Pour used motor oil into the supplied disposal container and carefully seal the container.
  • Place the sealed container next to your blue recycling cart. 
  • 2 gallons maximum of oil per pickup.
  • Place used filters in the bag provided by Republic Services and attach to the oil container.

Many auto service stations, auto parts stores and oil changers accept used motor oil and oil filters for recycling.  Call Contra Costa County's recycling hotline at 1-800-750-4096 for your nearest location.