Multifamily Complex: General Bin and Service Information

If you live in or manage a residential multifamily complex (apartment or condominium) that has shared waste service (recycling, organics and landfill), your property is considered a "multifamily" complex. Recycling and organics service must be available to all tenants. RecycleSmart, in partnership with the Franchise hauler Republic Services, has programs and services to make it easy—at no extra cost!

Here are some resources you can take advantage of today - just ask your property manager to arrange for you with Republic Services!

  • Free reusable recycling bag to store and carry recyclables to the complex’s enclosure (blue bin or cart)
  • Free in-home food scraps container to store and carry organics to the complex's enclosure (green bin or cart)
  • On-call electronic-waste services ($50)
  • Free motor oil and filter recycling kits
  • Free educational resources, including: waste/enclosure assessment, enclosure posters, educational print outreach, tenant training, and move-in/move-out information

If your apartment building does not have recycling and organics service, or does not have enough service, contact Republic Services at (925) 685-4711. Tenants, managers and property owners may call, but the property owner must give final authorization for new or increased services. Recycling and organics services are always at no additional cost. The only services with associated costs is the black landfill cart/bin. For service rate information please click here.   

For additional information about state and local recycling and organics laws that apply to multifamily properties click here

Property managers/owners tips for successful multifamily recycling and organics programs

  • Services must be provided so that access to an adequate number, size, frequency and location of containers is available to all tenants (required by California State Law SB 1383)  
  • Annually provide information to tenants about the legal requirements to compost organics and recycle. In addition, education must be provided on how to properly sort the three waste streams into correct carts and bins (recycling, organics and landfill). Please note, for new tenants, this information must be provided within 14 days of moving in. For help with providing information to tenants call Republic Services at 925-685-4711. 
  • Consider adding proper waste sorting language to the lease. Remember, recycling and composting is now the law!
  • Post recycling and organics posters and information in waste enclosures
  • Give all tenants an annual participation reminder and thank-you
  • Keep waste enclosure areas clean and safe
  • Regularly check containers just before your service day to ensure programs are being used properly 
  • Check landfill containers for contamination, including recyclables and organics. If residents are not sorting properly, issue reminders. 

Self-haul reporting requirements for property managers and owners

If you choose not to use the franchised hauler, Republic Services, for your recycling and organics service and instead self-haul to a local facility for disposal, California State Law SB 1383 requires that you maintain records including delivery receipts and amount of material delivered. Records must be made available to RecycleSmart upon request. This includes multifamily complexes that use a landscape service to haul green waste off site.