Apts/Condos: General Bin and Service Information

If you live in or manage a residential complex (apartment or condominium) that has a shared garbage service, your property is considered a "Multi-Family" complex and recycling service must be available to all tenants. RecycleSmart has many programs and services to make it easy—at no extra cost! Here are some you can take advantage of today:

  • Free reusable blue recycling totes to store and carry plastic, glass, metal and paper recycling to the complex’s recycling collection site (blue bin or cart).
  • Free in-home food scraps collection container to store and carry items to the complex's organics collection site (green bin or cart), upon the property manager’s request. 
  • On-call electronic-waste services.
  • Free motor oil and filter recycling kits (request one through your property manager).
  • Recycling educational services, including: waste assessments, educational materials, workshops, and move-in kits.

If your apartment building does not have recycling service, or does not have enough recycling service, contact Republic Services at (925) 685-4711. Tenants, managers or property owners may call, but the property owner must give final authorization for new or increased recycling services. 

Ordinance 15-1 requires all businesses, commercial, industrial, and multi-family premises with more than 5 units located within the RecycleSmart (CCCSWA) service area to either subscribe to a basic level of recycling service or self-haul all recyclable materials to a CCCSWA-approved recycling center.  The service area includes Danville, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek and unincorporated central County areas including Alamo, Diablo and Blackhawk.

Property managers/owners tips for a successful Multi-Family Recycling Program

  • Post recycling reminders on solid waste enclosures.
  • Give all tenants an annual participation reminder and thank-you.
  • Give out new move-in kits for new tenants (Contact Republic Service for kit).
  • Keep container collection areas clean and safe.
  • Regularly check recycling containers just before your service day to make sure the program is being used correctly.
  • Check garbage containers for recyclables. If residents are not recycling properly, issue reminders. Consider adding a recycling pledge to your lease. Remember, recycling is now the law!