C&D Facility Certification

RecycleSmart offers two different C&D Facility Certification procedures for facilities that accept loads of mixed C&D Debris:

  1. Simplified facility certification procedure for facilities that have used a professional or municipal facility certification procedure by a third-party verifier (within the past 12 months). There is no fee for the simplified certification.
  2. Municipal Recovery Certification (MRC) procedure (third-party verification procedure). The fee structure for this procedure is found below. 

If your facility wishes to accept loads of mixed C&D Debris from projects within the RecycleSmart service area and be listed on the RecycleSmart Green Halo account, please apply for facility certification. Facilities that accept source separated C&D materials and materials for reuse / repair do not need to apply.  

On or before December 31, 2021, facilities listed on the RecycleSmart Approved C&D Processing Facility list and the RecycleSmart Green Halo website, must obtain certification through one of the certification procedures outlined below:


Certification Procedure Option One: Simplified Facility Certification

The simplified facility certification procedure is for facilities that accept loads of mixed C&D Debris and have used a professional or municipal facility certification procedure by a third-party verifier (within the past 12 months) to evaluate facility operations.  Please complete this simplifed application and email your complete application to authority@recyclesmart.org. If you have questions about this application procedure please email or call RecycleSmart at (925) 906-1801. 


Facility Certification Option Two: Municipal Recovery Certification (MRC)

RecycleSmart, Zero Waste Sonoma and Solano County have partnered to develop a third-party C&D processing facility assessment and certification procedure called Municipal Recovery Certification (MRC). MRC will be used to evaluate mixed C&D facilities for their ability to meet AB 939, CALGreen, and local C&D Ordinance diversion requirements. 

 The purpose of the Municipal Recovery Certification assessment is to:

  • Provide a regional facility certification process, creating efficiencies for use by multiple jurisdictions.
  • Develop a comprehensive third-party assessment procedure that observes and reviews facility operations and record keeping.
  • Develop a tiered procedure and fee structure which recognizes that mixed material processing facilities are not all the same in terms of size, operation, and funding. 
  • Provide technical and regulatory assistance for facilities that participate.  

To obtain facility certification through the Municipal Recovery Certification (MRC) assessment process, download and complete the initial MRC application documents.  

Application process: 

  1. Submit initial MRC application documents to Tseng and Associates (the MRC authorized 3rd party verifier). 
  2. Provide payment to Tseng and Associates. 
  3. Obtain and submit follow-up facility operations documentation. 
  4. Schedule and complete facility site assessment. 

To submit your complete MRC initial application documents, or for questions:

          E. Tseng and Associates, Inc.
          30023 Rainbow Crest Drive
          Agoura Hills, CA 91301
          Email: etseng@aol.com
          Phone: (818) 889-8628