Green Halo System

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Electronic Reporting System

Green building is here to stay, but complying with the new recycling laws and regulations can increase your cost of doing business. We all want to help the environment, especially because 40% of all waste sent to landfills is generated from construction. The key is to create an effective waste management plan for your construction project, salvage materials, source separation, and to use facilities that really do recycle materials.

Green Halo provides web-based C&D disposal record keeping and analysis. This system enhances accurate recording of C&D debris disposal and diversion. It’s a convenient and efficient way for contractors and/or property owner to create and submit a completed Waste Management Plan (WMP) that complies with all C&D Ordinance requirements in the RecycleSmart service area.

The Green Halo website is free for small, one-time projects and offers a range of costs for additional services.

For reporting C&D data in:

For questions and information, please contact:

Bart Carr, Senior Program Manager
(925) 906-1801, ext. 104