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Recycling Self-Haul and Back-Haul Reporting

Proper handling of recyclables and organics at your business or multi-family complex is State law.

You can easily comply by using the franchised hauler, Republic Services, to collect your materials including cardboard, bottles and cans, paper, glass, metal and green waste.

If you choose not to use Republic Services for your recycling and/or organics (green waste), and instead self-haul (i.e., your business takes materials to a local facility) or back haul (i.e., your business takes back materials to a central or Corporate location) you are required to report this self/back haul activity to your local jurisdiction (RecycleSmart). This includes multi-family complexes that use a landscape service to haul green waste off site.

You can avoid this reporting requirement by adding Republic Services recycling and/or green waste carts and bins on site for your materials (you can add these services to your Republic Services garbage account AT NO ADDITIONAL COST). For more information please call their local office at 925-685-4711.

Online reporting using Re-TRAC

To register your account, please visit Re-TRAC online and use your email address and create a password. It's important to keep track of your login information for any staff person using the site, or use the "forgot password" option to reset.

Quarterly reports are due according to the following schedule each year.

  • Quarter 1 (January, February, March) - Due April 30
  • Quarter 2 (April, May, June) - Due July 31
  • Quarter 3 (July, August, September) - Due October 31
  • Quarter 4 (October, November, December) Due January 31


Questions about reporting? Please call RecycleSmart at 925-906-1801 or email