Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

The state now requires a minimum 65% diversion of C&D debris from projects that exceed specified size or cost thresholds.

If your project is within the RecycleSmart service area, you must use a RecycleSmart Registered C&D Transporter and an Approved C&D Processing Facility. Alternatively, contractors and property owners may self-haul their C&D debris, but must use a RecycleSmart Approved C&D Processing Facility in order for the C&D to count towards the 65% diversion requirement.  

In addition to the state requirements, most jurisdictions within RecycleSmart’s service area have implemented C&D recycling regulations. Each jurisdiction requires contractors or property owners to develop a simple “Waste Management Plan” (WMP) that outlines how 65% or more of C&D debris generated by a project has been diverted for reuse or recycling. Below are links to each Jurisdiction: 

RecycleSmart C&D Ordinance 

RecycleSmart Ordinance No.19-1 was established to support Member Agency C&D Ordinances and/or the California Green Building Code Standards, by regulating the permitting of RecycleSmart Registered C&D Transporters (being provided to covered projects), and Certifying Approved C&D Processing Facilities

RecycleSmart Approved C&D Transporters 

All C&D debris material from construction and/or demolition projects in the RecycleSmart service area must be transported by a Registered C&D Transporter (unless self-hauled by the generating contractor or property owner). 

If your hauling company wants to apply to be a RecycleSmart Registered C&D Transporter, submit a complete application/renewal and your $370 annual fee: Transporter Application/Renewal Form

RecycleSmart Approved C&D Processing Facilities 

All C&D Debris from covered construction and/or demolition projects in the RecycleSmart service area must be taken to a RecycleSmart Approved C&D processing facility. Only the Mixed C&D processing facilities that are third-party certified are shown on the approved facility list below. Please visit Green Halo for a complete list of approved facilities, including building reuse and source separated material handling facilities. 

To become an Approved C&D Processing Facility click here

Treated Wood Waste

Where can I dispose of Treated Wood Waste (TWW) such as railroad ties and pressure treated wood? 

  • TWW is considered a hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly. The following facilities are authorized by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board to accept TWW. Please contact the facility before taking TWW to them for disposal.
  • At this time, Household Hazardous Waste facilities are not able to accept Treated Wood Waste. 
  • For more information please visit the Department of Toxic Substances Control’s website Treated Wood Waste (TWW) | Department of Toxic Substances Control (

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