Businesses: Service Rates

Your monthly service rate is based on the size and collection frequency of your black/gray landfill cart/bin — the smaller your black cart (and less times it is serviced), the less you pay. Recycling and organics is a bundled rate, at no additional cost. So, recycle and compost more, downsize your black cart/bin, and save money! But remember, please sort properly!  

For billing and service related questions and requests please call Republic Services directly at (925) 685-4711. 

Push/Pull Service Rate

As of March 1, 2023, commercial accounts may incur a “push/pull” fee for each cart and/or dumpster that is moved more than 25′ by Republic Services. The fee is incurred for each push. Please see Service Rates for fees. Account holders can call Republic Services at 925-685-4711 to schedule a free site visit to confirm fees and/or determine alternate collection locations when possible. 

Third-party push/pull vendors:

Request a Service Credit

Residents, businesses, schools and multifamily property owners/managers;

Please call Republic Services at (925) 685-4711 to request a service credit if a cart and/or bin was not serviced on the regularly scheduled service day and was not collected by the end of the following business day.

If your request or complaint is not resolved by Republic Services, please contact RecycleSmart at (925) 906-1801 or email