Schools: Zero Waste Lunch


Our community’s goal is to recycle and compost 75% of everything that’s disposed of at school. Many schools are now recycling clean paper, plastic and metal and composting food scraps, paper towels and napkins. You can help reduce waste even more by helping your child pack a “Zero Waste Lunch.”

Here are a few suggestions for getting started:

  • Pack a cloth napkin instead of a paper napkin.
  • Pack reusable utensils instead of using disposable plastics.
  • Pack a reusable drink container instead of disposable juice boxes, juice pouches, cans or plastic bottles.
  • Pack lunch items in reusable containers. Avoid using plastic wraps, plastic bags, wax-paper bags, and aluminum foil.
  • Buy in bulk and avoid purchasing pre-packaged items. 
  • Pack lunches in a lunch box or backpack instead of relying on paper or plastic bags.
  • Ask your child to bring home their food scraps instead of throwing them away at school. That way you can see what they like and what they are eating.

Online Lesson:

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