Waivers and Self/Back Haul Requirements

Proper handling of recyclables and organics at your business or multifamily complex is state law.

You can easily comply by using the franchised service provider, Republic Services, to collect your materials including all recyclables and organics. 

For account and service information, contact Republic Services at (925) 685-4711 or email recyclecoordinators@republicsercvices.com

Documenting Alternative Compliance

If you choose not to use Republic Services for your recycling and/or organics (landscape material and food scraps), and instead self-haul (i.e., take materials to a local facility) or back haul (i.e., take back materials to a central or corporate location) you are required by SB 1383 to maintain records for each collection and disposal action, and make all records available to RecycleSmart or its contractor upon request.This includes multifamily complexes that use a landscape service to haul landscape materials off site.

You can avoid record keeping requirements by adding Republic Services recycling and organics service (you can add these services to your Republic Services garbage account AT NO ADDITIONAL COST).

For account and service information, contact Republic Services at (925) 685-4711 or email recyclingcoordinator@republicservices.com. 

Documenting a Waiver

Certain businesses and multifamily properties may qualify for a limited-term organics waiver. To request a waiver review, see below for the qualifications. 

Waivers for organics service will be reviewed for the following circumstances: 

a. Generate Minimal Organics (De Minimis Waiver): 

De Minimis Waivers will be considered if you can demonstrate that you dispose of less than 20 gallons of organics each week; or 10 gallons per week for smaller businesses.

  • Multifamily properties are not eligible for a De Minimis Waiver, due to the volume of tenant food scraps.
  • Non-food generating businesses that have landscape material do not qualify for a waiver since they are generating plant debris.

b. Physical Space Waiver:

If your business premises or multifamily property lacks adequate space for green carts, you may qualify for a Physical Space Waiver. A site visit will be needed to verify your claim before a limited Physical Space Waiver can be granted.

To apply for a waiver or to demonstrate alternative compliance, please fill out this form.

For questions please email RecycleSmart at authority@recyclesmart.org or call (925) 906-1801.