Businesses: General Service Information

In partnership with the franchised service provider, Republic Services, we offer many services for businesses to make recycling and organics recycling easy.

  • Recycling and organics service is provided at no additional cost with landfill service. 
  • Technical assistance is provided at no additional cost, including site visits, audits, employee and custodial training, presentations (can accomodate virtual presentations) and program guides. 
  • Free indoor and outdoor posters, bin stickers and enclosure signs. 
  • Referral to local food recovery organizations and services. 

Contact a Republic Services Recycling Coordinator today at (925) 671-5860 or email

For additional service information download the service guide

Waivers and Self/Back Haul Requirements

If you choose not to use the franchised hauler, Republic Services, for your recycling and organics service, and instead self/back haul, California State Law SB 1383 requires that you maintain records including delivery receipts and amount of material delivered. Records must be made available to RecycleSmart or its designee upon request.

Certain businesses may qualify for a limited-term waiver. For qualifications and to request a waiver review, click here

Recycling plant.