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New Law: SB 1383

SB 1383 regulations require local education agencies (public and charter schools, and county offices of education) to:

  1. Separate their organics and subscribe to an organic waste collection service that will ensure that the organics are not landfilled.
  2. A 3-container collection system (recycling, organics and landfill) must be provided in all areas where garbage containers are present, except for restrooms.
  3. Educate staff and students on how to prevent organic waste and proper sorting.
  4. Most local education agencies are required to donate their excess edible food for human consumption.

For more information on SB 1383 click here.

This letter click here was sent in January 2022 to all school addresses in the RecycleSmart jurisdiction.

Custodial and Foodservice Support

RecycleSmart offers an on-site training program for custodial staff on best practices for school recycling and composting. We’ll also provide free equipment to make their jobs easier, such as carts, dollies, signage and trash grabbers. To set up a training session, contact Ruth Abbe, 415-235-1356 or email

Start with this information to successfully set up and maintain compost and recycling at your school.

Field Trips

Ever wonder what happens to your old stuff after the recycling truck or trash truck empties your cart? You and your students can find out on a free RecycleSmart field trip—we’ll even reimburse your school for the cost of the bus!

All Wastebusters schools are eligible for free field trips to either the Mt. Diablo Recycling Center or the Keller Canyon Landfill both located in Pittsburg.

Contact Ruth Abbe, 415-235-1356 or email

Free Resources

RecycleSmart offers free equipment and signs to make school recycling and composting easier. We are here to help your school develop the physical and social infrastructure to successfully sort your waste. Start here for your physical infrastructure needs:

Green Team Training

Our Green Team Training program helps schools implement waste reduction, recycling and composting projects. We work with teams of students, parents, teachers, custodians and administrators to ensure schools have both the physical and social infrastructure to support recycling and food scraps composting. We’ll help ensure everyone knows how to properly sort materials for each bin.

School Assemblies

RecycleSmart offers free assemblies to kick off your school’s new program:

  • “The Power of Sorting Resources” with an in-person visit with Resilience the Recycle Woman; for elementary schools.
  • “The 4 Rs” with the Earthcapades juggling team, showing how to reduce, reuse, recycle and rot; for elementary schools.
  • Customized presentations and films such as Just Eat It and Trashed; for middle schools and high schools.
  • Republic Services offers a recycling truck assembly, bringing a truck to school to show how it works, along with safety and recycling training.

To schedule an assembly, contact Jessica Robinson at 510-435-0658 or email

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