Townhome Organics Service

Your Green Cart Is Coming Soon! 

California’s new state law, SB 1383, requires all residents to recycle organics, including all food scraps, yard trimmings and food-soiled paper. Why? Because organics account for more than one-third of all material going to California landfills, and the decomposition of organics in the landfill contributes to global climate change.

Republic Services will deliver your new small 32-gallon green cart and kitchen food scrap pail to your home in February 2022. 

To see new service rates please click here. Beginning January 1, 2022, single family service rate applies to all townhomes. 

Townhome Organics FAQ’s

When is my green cart arriving?

Republic Services will mail information to townhome residents at least two weeks prior to delivery in February 2022. Please continue to check your mail for your delivery date! 

What materials are accepted in the green organics cart?  

State law SB 1383 requires residents to properly separate all organic material and divert from landfill. Organic material accepted in the green organics cart includes:

  • All food scraps (raw and cooked) 
  • Uncoated food-soiled paper
  • Cut flowers
  • Yard trimmings
  • Clean wood (4′ or less in length) 
  • Clean pet bedding and shavings
  • Wood chips 

Fore additional details about materials accepted in the green organics cart please click here.

What materials are NOT accepted in the green organics cart?

The materials listed below should go in your black landfill cart, or may have special disposal requirements.  

  • Coated (shiny) food grade paper
  • Biodegradable and compostable plastics
  • Ashes (cool first) 
  • All pet waste – even if it’s in a compostable bag!
  • Poison oak and ivy 
  • Rocks, concrete, sod and dirt
  • Treated and painted wood 
  • Large tree trunks and stumps

Blue recycling cart:

For additional details about your blue recycling cart click here

  • Glass containers 
  • Metal containers 
  • Plastic containers #1-#7

A residential services guide will be mailed to your home shortly after your new green cart is delivered.   

How can I keep my cart clean? 

Residents can use paper bags, newspaper or BPI-Certified compostable bags to contain food scraps. Residents can cover food scraps with newspaper, shredded paper or a piece of cardboard to reduce potential odors. Additionally, place newspaper or a piece of cardboard at the bottom of your cart to reduce potential sticking. 

It is always best to recycle clean cardboard in your blue recycling cart, so remember to use only minimal amounts of cardboard at the bottom of your green cart to help keep it clean! 

What are the dimensions of the new green organics cart? 

A smaller 32-gallon green cart will be provided. The cart is 22.8″ wide, 22.3″ deep, and 38.2″ tall.   

Can I return the green cart

SB 1383 requires each household to separate all organics for composting, therefore requests to remove the cart cannot be granted.


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