Ascot Residents: We’re Providing FREE Reuse & Cleanup Services!

RecycleSmart, the Town of Moraga, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery, and Republic Services are partnering to provide reuse and cleanup services for multifamily residents, including Saint Mary’s College students, on Ascot Drive and Ascot Court, May 20–24, 2024.

All tenants residing on Ascot may use these services. It is important to consider the viability of these services to be provided in the future.

  • Please only drop off materials May 20-24, 2024. Items left after this timeframe will not be picked up and will be considered illegal dumping.
  • These services are intended for residents on Ascot Drive and Ascot Court only. 
  • Place your materials within the coned off area to preserve the roadway and prevent hazards.  

Off-campus Saint Mary’s College students residing on Ascot can take advantage of cleanup services before move-out!

Two convenient drop-off sites will be located:
1) at the top of Ascot Drive
2) at the end of Ascot Court
Each site will have:
  • Coned-off area for gently used household items for reuse
  • Dumpster for garbage
  • Box for electronics

How to Participate

Reuse items placed into the coned-off area for reuse will be given to charities and those in need throughout Contra Costa County, and may include items such as furniture, working appliances, electronics, school supplies and clothing.


Please consider the following guidelines when using the landfill dumpster:  

  • Junk material and garbage does not need to be bagged. 
  • Broken and unusable furniture should go in the dumpster, not reuse. 
  • Mattresses and box springs may be placed in the dumpster. 
  • It is illegal to dispose of electronics and batteries in the dumpster. Batteries, TV’s and smaller electronic items should be placed in the Reuse zone or into the e-waste collection box. These materials should never be placed in a landfill or recycling bin.  
  • Organic material, including food scraps, yard trimmings, leaves, grass and wood is not accepted in the landfill dumpster. The State of California prohibits organics to landfill. Please use the green organics cart on your property or consult your property owner/manager.  

If you have questions before or during the reuse and cleanup services please call RecycleSmart at (925) 906-1801 or email