Construction and Demolition Recycling

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris accounts for a significant portion of the waste going to local landfills, and C&D Debris is much more challenging to recycle than bottles, cans and newspapers!

To help residents and businesses reduce and recycle more C&D Debris, each RecycleSmart Member Agency has enacted C&D Diversion Ordinances in January 01, 2017 that requires a minimum 65% diversion or more of C&D debris from projects that exceed specified size or cost thresholds.

If your project is within the RecycleSmart service area, you must use a Registered C&D Transporter and an Approved C&D Processing Facility for proper C&D disposal. RecycleSmart has developed lists of approved vendors (see below).

Local C&D Recycling Regulations & Requirements

All jurisdictions within RecycleSmart's service area have implemented C&D recycling regulations. Each jurisdiction requires contractors or property owners to develop a simple “Waste Management Plan” (WMP) that outlines how 65% or more of C&D debris generated by a project has been diverted for reuse or recycling. This can be accomplished by taking C&D debris to Waste Recovery Facilities located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Your receipts must include weight or volume information and must be included with the final WMP when submitted to the jurisdiction at building permit closing.

If property owners or contractors pay to have their C&D Debris hauled for disposal by a third party hauler, the hauler must be a RecycleSmart registered C&D Transporter. Permitted transporters have been approved by RecycleSmart for safe transport of C&D Debris and all listed service providers acknowledge the obligation to use RecycleSmart's Certified Disposal Facilities.

Contractors and property owners are still allowed to “self-haul” their waste for disposal, but you must use a RecycleSmart Approved C&D Processing Facility.

Resources, Forms and Approved Vendor Lists   

RecycleSmart Ordinance No.12-2 was established to permit waste recovery facilities and C&D transporters. This allows RecycleSmart and Member Agencies to better track material diversion and haulers within the RecycleSmart service area and direct those materials to proper C&D disposal facilities.

Please check with the jurisdiction where your project is located to get the most current ordinance requirements.

All C&D Debris material coming from construction and/or demolition jobs in the RecycleSmart service area must be taken to an approved processing facility. This list identifies all current approved C&D Processing Facilities. 

Unless self-hauled by the generating contractor or property owner, all C&D Debris from construction and/or demolition jobs in the RecycleSmart service area must be transported by a Registered Transporter.

Facilities that want to be a RecycleSmart Approved C&D Processing Facility should submit this application. Each facility will be assessed for its ability to recover at least 65% of accepted C&D debris. Required attachments: Facility Site Map and Diversion Documentation Report.

Use this application if you want to apply to be a RecycleSmart Registered Transporter. There is a $370 annual registration fee and quarterly reporting is required.

If you have questions, please call RecycleSmart at (925) 906-1801.