Newsletter Spring 2024

Toggle navigation Let’s Make Our Cleaners Cleaner! Now That’s Sharp! Green Cart Sorting Take it Back! Get Your (Re)fill DIY Garden Whirley Print We Want Your Feedback On Garbage, Recycling and Organics Services! RecycleSmart is in the process of soliciting bids for garbage, recycling, and organics services beginning in 2027. As part of this process, […]

Newsletter Winter 2024

Toggle navigation Be Picky About Packaging E-Waste/Batteries Reminders Where Does Your Packaging Go? Take it Back Canyon Club Brewery: Spent Grain Speeds Gains Fun with Furoshiki! Print Be Picky About Packaging In California, packaging waste makes up 27% of what we dump in landfills.  Between cardboard, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, air pockets and other packaging […]

Newsletter Winter 2016

  Republic’s trucks practically float All of the 40 Republic Services collection trucks in the RecycleSmart area now run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). It’s cleaner and greener than diesel—and it’s lighter than air! The natural gas that many of us use to heat our homes or boil a pot of spaghetti on the stove […]

Newsletter Summer 2016

  What do those Mean? It’s all in the numbers. Plastics are made of many different chemicals. The little “chasing arrow” triangles contain a number code that identifies which chemicals were used to create that container. Not all plastics are recyclable but RecycleSmart will take them all (except a few) and do the sorting for […]

Newsletter Fall 2017

Bag the bags and watch them go. Bag the bags and watch them go. Plastic bread bags. Newspaper bags, produce bags, dry cleaning and food storage plastic bags. More and more people are taking advantage of RecycleSmart’s plastic bag recycling program. Almost any clean plastic bag can easily be recycled in your blue cart. Just […]

Newsletter Summer 2017

Bathrooms. The missing link. Toilet paper rolls. Toothpaste boxes. Empty prescription bottles. Shampoo bottles. They’re all found in your bathroom and, yes, they’re all fully recyclable. We’re doing a great job recycling in the kitchen (glass, plastic, cans) and other rooms (newspaper, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper). But according to new research by the Ad Council, […]

Newsletter Spring 2017

  How long until it disappears? Toss an apple core and a metal can into your yard—which will disappear first? The core, of course. Toss them into a landfill and guess which one? The can! Here’s why. Metal oxidizes, forming rust. Microorganisms break the can down into simple molecules, although it will take hundreds of […]

Newsletter Spring 2018

Why Keep Your Recyclables Clean? Because China’s new policies have dramatically reduced the amount of recycling it’s accepting. And it’s requiring much cleaner materials. The U.S. exports about one-third of its recycling, and nearly half has been going to China. For decades, China has used recyclables to supply its manufacturing boom, but the boom has […]

Newsletter Summer 2018

This can is your can…now it’s my can! You’d be surprised how quickly the materials used in a can you drink out of today is recycled into a can someone else will drink out of tomorrow. We’re all connected—and when it comes to recycling aluminum cans, we’re all drinking out of the same cans. Aluminum […]

Newsletter Fall 2018

Recycling 2.0: Retake! It’s a new world of recycling and not all recyclables are created equal. “China is rejecting loads of recycling and demanding that recycling materials be much cleaner,” says Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery Facility Manager Jim Nejedly. What can we all do to help? The sorting of recyclables is automated so it helps […]