ChowMatch – Neighbors Rescuing Food For Community

Become a ChowMatch Food Rescue Runner!

RecycleSmart and White Pony Express have partnered with ChowMatch to use technology to connect uneaten food with those in our communities who need food the most. 

Many large businesses, like grocery stores, donate food to the local Food Bank or food recovery organizations like White Pony Express. It’s easier to recover larger amounts of donated food both logistically and financially. But, in Contra Costa County, and especially in the RecycleSmart service area, the majority of businesses are small businesses, like restaurants. Most restaurants have leftover food at the end of the day that is currently going to compost or landfill. White Pony Express can’t pay to send a driver and refrigerated truck to pick up two trays of pasta, but ChowMatch can connect that food with someone in the community who can pick it up and bring the rescued food directly to those in need. Every tray of pasta should be eaten, not wasted.  

When you sign up as a ChowMatch Food Rescue Runner, you’re helping recover more edible food to feed those in need, and reduce organics in our waste stream. 

As closures and social distancing orders meant to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) extend across the country, the impact is being felt in communities large and small. While changes taking place are disrupting the lives of nearly everyone in some way, food-insecure individuals will face particular challenges, and the number of people who experience food insecurity is likely already increasing. 

Be a part of the solution! Sign up today to volunteer – White Pony Express needs Food Runners 7 days a week, from 7am to 7pm. Volunteer once, or set up a regular schedule, and do it all within your local community.