Food scraps container image

Residential Food Scraps Program

We’ll take all your food scraps along with your yard trimmings—and we’ll make it easy for you!

Republic Services supplies every residence with a small 2-gallon kitchen food container. The container has a tight sealing lid and handle. You can store it under the sink, in a cabinet or even in your freezer.

Scrape down your plates, toss in that apple core, pour in the leftover gravy and don’t forget the Thanksgiving turkey bones. Then just empty it into your large green cart and we’ll compost everything, resulting in great soil enrichment for local farmers. Visit our Organics (Green) Cart page for a listing of what is acceptable to put in the green cart. 

If you recently moved into a community receiving this service, and your home does not have a container, please contact Republic Services at (925) 685-4711 for a replacement. Or you can use you own substitute food storage container.

Townhome Residents If you live in a townhome and pay your own Republic Services garbage bill, you can request a green organics cart for an additional fee to compost your food scraps and food-soiled paper. Call Republic Services at 925-685-4711 for more information about your account.

Helpful tips when recycling your food scraps

  • Line your kitchen container with paper towels or newspaper, which will help keep your container clean. The liner paper can be recycled with the food scraps.
  • Or use compostable (not biodegradable) bags. Buy the compostable bags with “Compostable: BPI - Meets ASTM 6400 Standard” on the label.
  • Freeze food scraps before emptying into your cart. Some residents have done this as a sanitary way to manage food scrap storage, especially very wet food scrap materials.
  • When you put food scraps into the green cart, try to cover them with yard trimmings to reduce odors and pests. Yard trimmings will mask the food scraps odors, preventing pests from detecting it.
  • You can hold the cart lid tightly closed by using bungee cords, but they’ll need to be removed before putting your cart out for pickup.