C&D Processing Facility Certification

Mixed C&D Processing Facility

Facilities that accept mixed C&D for processing and want to be listed on the RecycleSmart Certified Mixed C&D Processing Facility list and the RecycleSmart Green Halo website, must obtain an approved third-party facility certification.

Third-Party Mixed C&D Facility Verification Process

Third-party facility verification applies to facilities that accept loads of Mixed C&D Debris. Verification must be conducted by an approved, professional third-party verifier. Most verification providers conducted on behalf of other California jurisdictions are accepted. Third-party verification must be renewed each year on or before November 1, unless monthly reporting is a component of the third-party verification. Please email RecycleSmart at authority@recyclesmart.org to begin third-party facility verification or submit your current verification status.  

Source-Separated and Reuse/Repair Facility

Facilities that accept source-separated C&D material and material for reuse/repair do not need to apply. If you own or manage this type of facility please contact RecycleSmart at (925) 906-1801 to ensure your facility is active in Green Halo. There is no cost.