We Don’t Trash Food. We Throw Food Scraps In The Green Cart.

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I pledge to inform a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor that food is not trash, and that all food scraps can go in the green organics cart.

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Let’s be fur real: your pets wouldn’t waste food on your plate. We shouldn’t waste food either. Give your food scraps a new leash on life and throw them into the green organics cart. Green cart material is made into a nutrient-rich moisture-retaining soil amendment. 

Please, no pet waste in the green cart (including compostable bags containing pet waste); place in the black landfill cart. 

What goes in the green cart?

  • All food scraps
  • Uncoated food-soiled paper
  • Yard trimmings

It’s easy! Wrap food in newspaper, paper bags or BPI-Certified compostable bags. 

Residents can call Republic Services at (925) 685-4711 to request a FREE 3-gallon kitchen food scraps container, once every two years.

For a detailed list of green cart materials click here.  

Is it really ALL food scraps?

Green cart material is processed at a commercial composting facility and is made into a nutrient-rich moisture-retaining soil amendment – compost! The faster commercial processing allows for all food scraps, so it’s a bit different than your traditional backyard composting. 

Yes, ALL food scraps can go in your green organics cart. Here are some food scraps you might not have thought of: 

  • Meat, fish and bones
  • Eggshells
  • Cooked, frozen and spoiled food
  • Plate scrapings
  • To-go food and leftovers
  • Fruit pits
  • Coffee grounds, paper tea bags and tea leaves
  • Dairy

Helpful tips about food-soiled paper

All coated food grade paper materials (shiny coating) are coated with plastic. It is very rare to find wax coated materials these days. These materials do not break down during the composting process, and are a contaminant in the green cart. Please put all coated food grade paper in your black landfill cart, including coated paper to-go food containers, to-go drink cups, to-go coffee cups, milk cartons and ice cream cartons. 

The following uncoated paper materials can be composted in your green organics cart:  

  • Pizza boxes
  • Uncoated paper plates
  • Uncoated, fiborous/textured to-go paper food containers 
  • Paper napkins
  • Paper towels 
  • Paper egg cartons 
  • Bamboo and wood chop sticks
  • Paper coffee filters and paper tea bags (remove staples) 

Did you know that 40% of all food in America is wasted? Use these tips to prevent food waste at home:

  • Check your fridge. See what you can make by getting creative with the food you have before you go shopping.
  • Make a list. Plan your meals and make a list before going to the store.
  • Keep it contained. Store leftovers and veggies in clear containers so you can easily see what’s inside.
  • Freeze with ease. Place food in the freezer to extend its life.
  • Prep ahead. Make meals in bigger batches and eat them throughout the week.

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It's easy! Wrap food scraps in newspaper, paper bags or BPI-Certified compostable bags - then toss in your green cart!
Click here to learn more about worm composting and backyard composting.
Uncoated food-soiled paper, like paper towels and napkins, go in your green cart!
Cut flowers at the end of their life can be composted in the green cart too!
No pet waste in the green cart; place in the black cart.