Making Everyday Recycling Even Easier

Making Everyday Recycling Even Easier What do you think about your garbage, recycling and organics services? Take our 2-minute survey and give us your thoughts—we’re always looking for ways to help you recycle even more!

Request for Proposals

SB 1383 Route Monitoring Assistance Download RFP Addendum 1 Route Monitoring RFP Questions Proposals Due June 30, 2023 – – – – Franchise Development and Procurement Consulting Services & On-call Miscellaneous Consulting Services Addendum 1 – RFP Questions for Franchise Development and Procurement Consulting Services& On-Call Miscellaneous Consulting Services Download RFP Proposals Due June 26, […]

Ascot Residents: We’re Providing FREE Reuse & Cleanup Services!

RecycleSmart, the Town of Moraga, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery, and Republic Services are partnering to provide reuse and cleanup services for multifamily residents, including Saint Mary’s College students, on Ascot Drive and Ascot Court, May 20–24, 2024. All tenants residing on Ascot may use these services. It is important to consider the viability of these […]

2023 Standing Committees

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Matt Francois, Walnut Creek, Chair Teresa Gerringer, Lafayette Janet Riley, Orinda Renata Sos, Moraga Renee Morgan, Danville Ken Carlson, Contra Costa County   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE Inga Miller, Orinda, Chair Candace Andersen, Contra Costa County Renata Sos, Moraga Newell Arnerich, Danville Cindy Silva, Walnut Creek Gina Dawson, Lafayette   LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE Newell […]

Boxes, bubble wrap and more: What’s recyclable?

Boxes, bubble wrap and more: What’s recyclable? Boxes, bubble wrap and more: What’s recyclable? Find out which types of packaging can be recycled, which go in the landfill cart, and how to avoid overflowing bins. Plastic-padded mailers: Garbage  Any padded envelope that’s lined with plastic bubble wrap should go in the garbage, never in recycling. […]

Castle Hill / Tice Creek Bridge Service Day Change

Starting the week of October 15, 2022, the new collection day for recycling, organics and landfill materials will be SATURDAY.  Due to the recent change in vehicle weight limits on the Tice Creek Bridge on Castle Hill Road in Walnut Creek, Republic Services must utilize its smaller collection trucks to service affected properties in this neighborhood. […]

Reducing Single-Use Foodware Accessories and Using Reusables

The State of California (AB 1276) now requires all retail food facilities and food delivery platforms to provide single-use foodware items upon request only. This law was established to help reduce the amount of waste generated by single-use items and to encourage consumers to choose reusables. AB 1276 does not apply to school cafeterias, residential and […]

Townhome Organics Service

Hands in dirt

Your Green Cart Is Coming Soon!  California’s new state law, SB 1383, requires all residents to recycle organics, including all food scraps, yard trimmings and food-soiled paper. Why? Because organics account for more than one-third of all material going to California landfills, and the decomposition of organics in the landfill contributes to global climate change. Republic Services […]

Transparency Information

One of RecycleSmart’s goals is to be transparent and operate in the most prudent and ethical manner on behalf of our Member Agencies, residents and businesses. Budget Fiscal Year 2022-23 Operations Budget Fiscal Year 2022-23 Reuse Budget Fiscal Year 2023-24 Operations Budget  Fiscal Year 2023-24 Reuse Budget  Audit Reports  Fiscal Year 2018-19 Audit Report Fiscal Year 2018-19 Auditors […]

ChowMatch – Neighbors Rescuing Food For Community

Become a ChowMatch Food Rescue Runner! RecycleSmart and White Pony Express have partnered with ChowMatch to use technology to connect uneaten food with those in our communities who need food the most.  Many large businesses, like grocery stores, donate food to the local Food Bank or food recovery organizations like White Pony Express. It’s easier […]